How do I get that perfectly polished life? But do I even want it??

It seems like some people have this whole life thing figured out. They make healing from traumas look easy and straightforward, they have this perfect positive mindset, always smiling and they are just going through life living their best life. I’m not saying this type of life isn’t possible, but we all know there is more beneath the layers because at the end of the day we are all human. None of us expect each other to have this picture-perfect life with the spotless house, new car, high paying job, etc. However, we do expect honesty, kindness and judgment free friendships.

To be honest I had to go on an unfollow spree on my social media because seeing these beautifully polished feeds and stories made me feel bad about myself and my life. First of all, how am I allowing something like this to affect me so deeply? Because I don’t have that same life? Do I even want my life to be like theirs? No! My life is my life, and I will live it as such. Sure, it’ll be nice to have that spotless house but, in MY reality, I have a wild child who loves to play with his toys all over the house and several animals that make it hard to have a spotless house, but would I trade my animals and my son’s playtime for that? Absolutely not. I think the thing we have to realize is, maybe subconsciously we want that type of life which is why we are so moved when we see social media profiles like that, but we have to really think of how that will work with your current life. I’m not saying we should stay stuck because everything in our lives is temporary. But I think we should just appreciate our current situations for what they are- a lesson, an experience, a part of your journey. Maybe one day your life will look just like your Pinterest board you created when visualizing your future, but as of right now you are on your own life journey! These material and physical things don’t really matter if you don’t feel good within. If you aren’t happy with yourself and how you think and feel, maybe you should turn your focus off of other people’s lives and focus on taking the right steps to creating your perfect life. Begin with writing in your journal and asking the hard pressing questions and writing without shame, guilt or fear. Just write. 

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xo, J