Let’s level up your financial self-care, shall we? (Real ways to make money creatively) 

Let’s discuss our financial self-care and start making improvements today.

If you are a regular here, then you know that there are levels to this self-care thing. It’s not just bath bombs and cozy blankets- although we LOVE those. There’s physical self-care, professional self-care, emotional, social, spiritual, psychological and financial self-care. They all play a vital role in our overall well-being! Today I’ll be giving you action steps to improve your financial self-care in your free time. If you want to read more about the other types of self-care, please check out my blog! StrengthScripted dot com for all things self-care. 

Now let’s get into it, shall we?

First and foremost, having some sort of SECRET CASH savings is a must. This is money no one should know about. I emphasize “secret” because if no one knows about it, no one can ask to borrow or use it. This is money that is beyond your regular emergency fund. Having this secret stash to fall back on if anything happens where you have NO money, no access to a bank/atm, your wallet is gone, etc. It will give you a sense of security, trust me. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. Start by putting a small amount as often as you can and be consistent.

For the stay-at-home moms or those unable to work a regular 9-5 job for whatever reason, making money in more creative ways will be your go-to. Whether you can create something with your hands or digitally, creating a product and selling it online at websites like Etsy, eBay or Amazon could be a great way to bring in some extra cash. Bonus points if it’s already a hobby of yours! If making a product doesn’t work for you, you can offer useful service(s) to businesses and entrepreneurs. Offering your services on places like LinkedIn, UpWork and Fiverr are good sites to begin, but ultimately, you’ll want to create a website of your own or online portfolio to display your work. 

Another way to make some money in your free time and improve your financial self-care is to try working random gigs like Mystery Shopping and driving/making deliveries for people and companies. Here is a list of apps and websites and a brief description of each. You might have heard of some of these and may not know the real benefits of them. I encourage you to at least give them a try! Using my referral links is only an option, but I would really appreciate it because they help me out a bit! Supporting and growing with each other is what StrengthScripted is about!

So the first app is Merchandiser. With this app you’ll do some mystery shopping (you don’t have to buy anything, but if you are requested to do so they will reimburse you for it and you can keep the item(s)!). Some jobs want you to go take a picture of a certain food display or candy aisle, etc. Just be sure to read the directions and pay attention to details. The pay for Merchandiser is monthly, so keep that in mind. Use code: EBONYS3JZ4

Field Agent is very similar to Merchandiser, but there are some types of jobs that Merchandiser doesn’t seem to offer like real estate audits (where you take a photo of a house from the sidewalk or road). You’ll also do jobs where you will perform a “reset” on a display in a grocery store (assemble and/or reorganize a section) and get paid hourly for your time. I really like that Field Agent has training videos in the app which breaks down the terminology and gives you useful tips and directions. Use code: CVBJ6CV

Mobee is the third app. This app is also very similar to the last two, however instead of dollar amounts, you are earning points. With those points, you can redeem gift cards of all kinds like Dunkin and Amazon, as well as prepaid visa cards to use to pay bills with. They seem to have more job offers than the other two apps which I find interesting. Use code: PCZV to earn 300!

Roadie is another app you can use to make some quick money especially if you like to drive (or are already driving a lot). This app is a sister company to UPS so you’ll need to upload your driver license information. The sign up is super quick and easy though. Once you’re signed up you can start viewing jobs around the map. For this app you will be making deliveries from stores to other stores or customers. The listing gives you the shipment info like how heavy the item(s) is and the measurements. In certain areas this is a good money maker!! It also depends on your car size as well. Heavier shipments will pay more usually. For instance, I had a delivery for $25 for a small box of jewelry but it was a long distance. I had another delivery offered for $85 for a shipment in town but it was 485 LB. So use your judgment and check the details before requesting the job.

SwagBucks is one you can do from home or on the go. I personally use swagbucks to play the games and get cashback on shopping. Yes, you can get paid to play games on your phone and while doing your regular grocery shopping!! You can also complete some surveys as well to earn swagbucks that can be redeemed to gift cards. If you’re already playing games on your phone why not check the games they’re offering and get paid to play?! Perfect option for those who are waiting in the carpool line, grocery line, lunch break, or in the evening with a glass of wine on the couch, whenever you have some extra free time and want to have a little fun. Use my link (here) for 150 SB to start with!

KashKick is similar to SwagBucks where you can get paid to do surveys, play games on your phone, etc. but you can also get money for investing into stocks, opening checking accounts, and other types of offers which is pretty cool. However, instead of gift cards you can actually withdraw money to your PayPal. Minimum withdrawal is only $10! Use my link (here) to create your account and get started! If you are already using Swagbucks, it wouldn’t hurt to also use KackKick because they will most likely offer different opportunities! More than one income stream is ideal!!

That’s all I have for you!! If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to me in any way that’s convenient for you. All my contact info can be found under the “About the Author” tab on my website (StrengthScripted). I hope this post was beneficial to you and if it was, please give it a share! Your support allows me to keep writing! So, thank you!

Now go be great!

Xo, Janice Avilla

What is self care? The most used and abused word.

Let’s dig deeper into the meaning of Self-Care

We need to talk about the real meaning of “self-care” because it has turned into such an overused word that is beginning to change the true meaning of it. Sure many self-care practices involve bath bombs, skin care routines, yoga etc. but the more vital part of self-care is why you’re doing it, how it makes you feel and how it’s helping you improve yourself worth, self love and confidence. There’s more to self care than bath bombs.

Self-care is building an unbreakable bond between your mind, body and soul.

Janice Avilla @strengthscripted

I don’t make self-care a priority because it’s fun and trendy. I make my self-care a priority because it fills my cup up. It gives me energy to tackle the day. It lifts me back up after a long hard day. It makes me feel worthy of being loved by myself, not others. It makes me happy. I do it for ME. I do it for my son. Because when I take care of myself, I’m more happy and at ease and I can give my best to my son and the people around me.

Practicing self care regularly has allowed me to connect more deeply with myself. I am more in tune with my mind and body. I can read the signs my body is giving more clearly. I know when my period is coming, estimate when I’m ovulating, and recognize that certain pain in my body is my mind trying to distract me from something bigger. I can identify the emotions I’m feeling and help myself process those feelings accordingly. My anxiety has gotten better because I can organize my thoughts and determine whether they are rational or not. I have created my own inner happiness that is untouched by my environment. All because of my commitment to self-care

I have created my own inner happiness that is untouched by my environment. All because of my commitment to self-care.

Janice @StrengthScripted

Society and big brands trying to sell you their products slap the “self-care” word all over their marketing and hope people will fall for it. Influencers claim if you use their essential oils or bath bomb then you will feel so much happy and fulfilled because of this self care act. In reality, people need to look within and find what you actually need to feel fulfilled. Everyone’s self care needs are different and no one can tell you what YOU need to do for self care to fill YOUR cup up and improve YOUR self love. If you don’t like to take baths then what good are bath bombs gonna be? What works for some might not work that well for you.

My biggest advice for beginning your actual self-care journey is to journal. Write down anything that comes to mind, everything that makes you happy, things you love, things you want to do someday, your goals, dreams, desired lifestyle, etc. etc. Just write. You will get to know yourself in your journal and begin building your self-care routine that’s catered specifically to you. It’s much more special when you build your own routine. I would check out The Self Love Journal that I created to help you get started. It’s a workbook style PDF with journal prompts, self care planner etc to help guide you on your journey. [Check the shop tab on top or click the link above]. It’s what helped me so much on my own journey so I worked really hard to put a book together to share with others. When I began this journey I was alone and didn’t know others who were interested in anything self-care (explains all the burnout in the workplace), but you don’t have to feel that way because I am here for you! My mission here is to create a community for women who are all on their self-care/love journey that can share their experience and advice to others and help build each other up. If you’re interested in joining the group chat, please comment below or email me directly [check the contact tab] so I can add you. It’s a secure and private chat vetted personally by me!

Lastly, I hope that this post has resonated with you and has given you the motivation to make self-care a priority to you. If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, join the chat and start there or purchase the The Self Love journal to get started. But you don’t really need any of these, just yourself. You got this!!! One stepping stone at a time.

Now go be great!

Xo, J

11 of the best self-care items that bring the most comfort and relaxation

Something comfy, something that smells good, something inspiring or funny…What else?

I created this short and sweet list of items you can easily get your hands on to bring you the most comfort in your self-care routines. The importance of self-care is so underrated!! When you actively do things to help yourself feel good, it has a compound effect. It will keep benefiting you as long as you keep pouring into it. You will become a better version of yourself because you have been nurturing your mental, emotional and physical health consistently. Your growth will go unnoticed until you realize the results you are seeing is thanks to your self-care of your mind, body and spirit. Don’t forget to save this post to visit later and send it to a friend who can benefit from this blog! Word of mouth is important for small women owned businesses so thank you for your support. Now let’s get into it!

Skin care products– moisturizer, cleanser, oils, lip scrubs, and masks etc. – They will always leave you feeling refreshed after you finish your skin care routine. When you look good, you usually feel good. So, take this literal and take care of yourself.

Jade roller & Gua sha tool & derma roller– These items give you a sense of accomplishment when you use them. You’ll feel like you are going that extra mile when it comes to caring for yourself and your skin. Do your research on the derma roller before trying though!! Also, you really don’t have to spend a ton of money on the jade roller & gua sha tool. Check out the one I use at home that I got from Amazon for a super good deal! Check it out here.

Herbal tea, warm bone broth or coffee– These are a given. Warm drinks tend to soothe your body and belly bringing you ultimate comfort. Bone broth is actually really good for you too! As you already know, be mindful of caffeine especially when you are getting ready to go to sleep.

Cozy blanket, pajamas and socks/slippers– There is nothing better than being in super comfy clothing and wrapped in a cozy blanket while relaxing after a long day! It is just so comforting and allows you to exhale the day’s heavy work.

Noise canceling earbuds to listen to meditation music or ASMR- Drowning out the chaos around you to escape reality for a bit is sometimes extremely necessary. Music usually does the trick, but if you’re looking to try something different, search on Youtube: “ASMR for relaxation.” When you get passed the initial awkwardness/weirdness, it can reallyyyyy help your mind relax and may even feel your body tingling. (Search for simplykel asmr or tingting asmr on YouTube).

Soy candles, oil diffusers and/or fireplace– (avoid ‘fragrance’ and anything that’ll irritate your lungs) Candles (soy) always bring this sense of calmness to the room. Maybe it’s the fire flickering or the smell. If you don’t have any candles, just search “fireplace burning with noise” on YouTube and full screen it on your TV. Different scents of essential oils can affect your moods so pick the right scent for the mood you are manifesting. Aromatherapy can be quite beneficial to your overall mood.

House plants– Adding a variety of plants to your home will significantly improve your environment, especially impacting your mental wellness. Caring for the plants like trimming, watering, repotting, dusting/wiping leaves, etc. can be extremely relaxing, soothing and stress reducing. Some other benefits include improved moods, improved air quality, and decreased symptoms of depression. If you are a new plant parent, I would suggest checking Etsy and searching for “plant cuttings” which would be perfect to begin your plant journey. They’re cheap and gives you a variety of plants to practice with. Also try using the PlantIn app for useful tips!

Thick yoga mat + stretch bands– You’re going to use these two items for ultimate stretching and release of tension and stress that’s weighing you down. I want to emphasize a ‘thick’ yoga mat because it will give you the best cushion and comfort for certain positions that can be tough on your bones and joints especially on hardwood floors. I got mine off of Amazon and simply searched for a mat that was an inch or more in thickness.

Get a pet!- I realize it sounds bad to call a pet a ‘self care item’ lol. However, animals can have such a big impact on our lives!! Caring for them can give us a sense of importance and being needed and the love they give you for it can fill our hearts. Finding the right pet for you is key here. Dogs are amazing, so are cats, bunnies, ferrets, sugar gliders (must get as a baby or have a ton of patience and experience to rescue an adult), and certain birds are great companions. Please be mindful when deciding if getting a pet is right for you. When you adopt an animal, you are making a lifelong commitment to them that you will care for them until they pass. Please be responsible!

Find a good book to read! – Whether it’s a funny comic book, an inspiring story book, or a personal development book. Take a ride to your local library, thrift shop or bookstore and get yourself something new to read. If you need a suggestion, check out “How Happiness Happens” by Max Lucado. Absolute fantastic read.

Take a hot shower or bath. Add a bath bomb if you’re feeling fancy! – This one is FREE! Well, except if you pay for hot water and/or water in general (hello homeowners!). However, this is a simple way to begin relaxing your body. The warmth will relax and loosen your muscles and the steam in the air will clear up your airways if you’re feeling a bit stuffed up. Bath bombs with CBD will give you ultimate relaxation.

This is all I have for you right now! Can you think of any that I missed? Share them in the comments section!! 

xo, J

*Some links in this post are affiliate links which means I may receive a small percentage if you make a purchase. Of course, your purchase helps my family and I, but I am sharing these products in order to help you. I only recommend products that I’ve personally used and think others will benefit from. I will not suggest something I don’t believe in!