Define Self-Love. How do you even achieve self love?!

What is Self-Love?

The average person may say, “it’s when you love yourself.” Sure, that’s a very broad way of saying it. However, the real answer to “What is Self-Love?” is complex and powerful and it’s something you and I need in our lives. Trust me on this.

Self-Love is the mindfulness you have with yourself and your needs. You trust and listen to your body, your heart and your gut feelings. You’re human, so you forgive your mistakes easily and search for the lessons in the experiences. You are gentle with yourself. You speak highly and kindly to yourself. It’s a beautiful relationship you have built, where you are a priority so your cup must be filled before you pour into others. Your boundaries are solid, your goals are your focus, you are not dependent on no one and nothing. Other people’s words do not alter your moods, vision or feelings about yourself. Other people’s limiting beliefs are not your own and you recognize that many people project onto you what they feel inside about themselves. You are confident in the person you are and what you offer in friendships & relationships thus are selective as to who you allow into your space. Your peace is a priority and your needs matter. 

Some of you don’t even realize how you light up rooms, shift atmospheres and carry inspiration, JUST BY BEING YOU. A walking love letter and don’t even know it. Shift that mindset, Babygirl!

Janice Avilla –

I know that was a lot to take in and don’t worry it doesn’t all happen overnight, but allow that to encourage you to start working on becoming the best version of yourself now. You may wonder, how the heck do I even achieve all those things?? To be honest, the biggest thing here is to remember you are human and you make mistakes and it is vital to forgive yourself for every one of those mistakes. Everything happens for a reason and it’s all to prepare you. This self-love movement is a journey! It takes time, energy and patience to join in, but it is worthwhile and I mean that with my whole heart. 

The first step is to understand how important you are in this world (even if you don’t really believe it), because you are vital. Understanding that you actually deserve so much better than what you have been getting. Learn to appreciate yourself more by highlighting all the good in you and how strong and capable you really are. The best way to begin with this step is to get yourself a journal and start writing. Ask yourself the hard questions and write without judgment. The more you write the more powerful your journal practice becomes- that’s when big changes happen. Once your mindset is in the right place, your self-care practices will be more successful and impactful. This doesn’t mean to put off your self-care until later, you absolutely should be incorporating self-care into your life every day. Make sure your cup is filled & no leaking before you pour into other people’s cups.

You have to start appreciating all that you bring to your own life because the ironic truth is, you are most attractive when you’re not worried about who& what you’re attracting. When you’re living your life confidently, freely and without restraints, you emit the kind of energy that is impossible to fake.

Janice Avilla –

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You have made it this far and that already says so much about your dedication to your self-love journey. I am SO pumped for you!!! Now let’s get it boo!!

Xo, Janice