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I created this shop because I was looking for art printables with affirmations that I could hang around my office and bedroom. Many of the ones I found were very cliche or over-used quotes, so I decided to start creating my own affirmation prints which then it grew into a small shop to share with other women who could use them because they’ve helped me so much. Along with the lovely printables you will find other empowering items like my proudest creation, The Self Love Journal and more. My goal is to create a shop full of empowerment for women in different forms, art decor, journals, planners, etc.

Keep checking back as I work on adding more! If you would like a custom art printable with a personalized affirmation or quote, please email me at with the subject “CUSTOM ART PRINTABLE.”

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Self Love Journal

Tried and tested by yours truly. I’m sharing the habits that have changed the way I take care of my mind & body through self-care, journaling, breathing techniques, asking the right questions and consistently digging deeper. I focus on realigning yourself and returning to a peaceful and empowered mindset.

Is it for me?

Suffering from anxiety, depression and/or stress? Don’t know how to manage your emotions or find the root of your bad or “off” moods? Knowing what questions to ask yourself and making it a habit to write in a journal and allowing yourself to be heard is KEY to your happiness and loving your whole self!

What’s in it?

This journal is the perfect place to begin that journey. I’ve included different features in this journal. Each page has its own purpose. Some pages you may not use every day, some you do. The goal of this journal is to get you started!! You can discover your wants and needs for your personal journal along the way while also discovering more about yourself. From mind dumping, water tracker, self-care planning to journal prompts and affirmations. You use the journal however you need to as long as it is improving your quality of life in some way.


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“Take time to make your soul happy” Art Printable

Perfect reminder to hang in your bedroom or office space or print out a gift to a friend or relative. Empowering affirmation printable comes in an 8×10 inch size but can be printed in a smaller size (changed in your printer settings). Simple design sits on a white background which makes printing at home a breeze. No printer at home? No problem! Just bring the file to your local print shop like Staples and have them print it out for you! If you have any questions please reach out to me via email!